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Indicators and Handheld thermometers

Proces indicator for your industry


If you need help in selecting the correct indicator for your application, please contact our skilled engineers.




The AG500 is a digital indicator in a panel saving 60mm depth 1/8 DIN case. The 21mm high LED readout has a luminance double that of conventional indicators and the easy-to-read ive digit display.

The options available for the AG500 include universal input types, up to six programmable alarms, analog retransmission, digital input, 12 or 24 Vdc sensor power supply and RS-485 or MODBUS-RTU communications.

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Initial setting


The AE500 is a powerful digital indicator with up to four (4) alarms. The AE500 has various opions such as communications, analog retransmission output, waterproof, and power supply for LED drive of SP400/SP500. In combination with the input selectors SP400/SP500, a maximum of 16 points of input can be connected to one AE500.

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Installation Manual

Instruction Manual

Resin Pressure indicator with easy to read large LED display. A 100msec sampling cycle time gives the PG500 a fast and accurate response on proces variations. Optional communication RS422A/RS485, retransmission output and up to two alarms are available.

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Instruction Manual

The DP-700 is a high accuracy thermometer with powerful functions, such as datalogging, USB connection, peak high and low temperature, burnout (sensor broken) display, remaining battery service display and automatic power off. The variety of functions supports you to manage temperaure data efficiently.

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Instruction Manual

The DP-350 is an economical thermometer with a wide temperature range and useful functions, such as measured value and peak hold, sensor burnout, battery alarm, and automatic power off.

For DP series, there are more than 50 types of sensors available so that it allows you to select a proper sensor for your application.

Eurotherm temperature controller



Measure surface temperature easily from a distance. This non-contact type temperature sensor is ideal for applications where contact may cause contamination, the operator may be at risk due to high temperature, or when an object is in motion.

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