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RKC Instrument Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of multi loop and single loop PID temperature controllers, process controllers, indicators, control systems and level meters as well as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, level sensors, pressure transducers and recorders. Started in 1937, RKC Instrument has developed many innovative products like the first 48 *48mm PID controller, DIN-rail module sized multi-zone control systems, ultra stable 0,001 degr. Celcius controllers and many other high quality products.

RKC Europe is a service, support, sales and promotion  company, based in the Netherlands. Our aim is to deliver the best quality instruments to an increasing group of satisfied customers. 

Our products are produced according the highest possible standards and meet most of the international certification marks like CE, UL and RCM.

Our skilled engineers with more than 25 years of experience with RKC instruments will be able to answer all of your technical questions and give you the right advice for a proper solution for your temperature related issues.


RKC factory


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RKC supplies products to a wide range of markets such as semiconductor, plastics, extrusion molding, injection molding, scientific, food industries and heat treatment industry or thermal process. Our process and temperature control technology is widely used in industry.

RKC manufacturs temperature controllers for the best result
 are used for the best result

Food production machinery

Furnaces for bread, chips and pizza

Tempering of chocolate

Steaming and blanching of vegetables

Plastic production machinery


Plastic moulding machines

Semiconductor industry

Furnaces for solar pannels

Chip bonding machines

Heat treatment of gas pipes

Research and Development

Advanced temperature control

Recording and alarming

RKC temperature controllers are top quality
RKC quality products for you process
  • Normal temperature controllers

  • Ultra high speed process controllers

  • Miniature PID controllers

  • Super stable temperature controls on 0,001 degree Celsius

  • DIN-rail mounting temperature controllers

A good temperature controller for your company


At RKC Europe we know everything about temperature control and recording in a production process. It is most important to keep the temperature under control to make sure no problems will occur. To achieve that, you need good temperature controllers and control systems. We have plenty of these instruments in our range. Due to our experience in the field of temperature control, we know exactly what is the best instrument for your process. For the best temperature controller you only have to take a look at our website. Of course you can always contact us when you have questions.


A top quality temperature controller

It is most important to use the best quality instruments in your production process. If you don’t, there will always be a risk for damage due to production problems. Nobody wants production damage! At RKC Europe we know everything about temperature controllers, but also about other instruments to have a good and stable temperature control like thyristor units and solid state relais. You can always contact us if you have questions about temperature controllers, or if you want us to offer a good solution for your temperature issue.


A solution for every company

A temperature controller is an important instrument is the field of production processes. A temperaturecontroller is not the only instrument that is important for this purpose. You can also think of thermocouples, recorders and thyristorunits. We offer the whole range of instruments and we can check together which instruments can be of importance for your company.

  • 1/4 DIN sized 4 or 8 loop temperature controllers

  • Standard DIN-rail mounting multi-zone system modules

  • Ultra high speed process control system

  • Versatile and advanced multi-zone control systems

  • Easy to use programmers with 2 profiles of 8 steps in 48*48mm, 48*96mm and 96*96mm

  • Advanced programmers up to 1024 steps with front-loader service port for easy programming by PC

  • Solid State Relays from 15 Amp up to 45 Amp.

  • High volt Single phase thyristor units up to 480 Volt and 200 Amps.

  • Advanced Single phase thyristor units with RS485 modbus communication for advanced loads

  • Three phase thyristor units with phase angle firing

RKC paperless recorder, recorders, paperrecorder
RKC temperature controllers
  • 144*144mm paper Hybrid recorders (1 to 6 channels)

  • 288*288mm paper Hybrid recorders (up to 24 channels)

  • 144*144mm paperless recorders (up to 48 channels)

RKC indicators, indicator, programmable display
  • Low cost temperature indicators with up to 4 alarms

  • Advanced Process indicators with RS485 communication

RKC meltpressuresensor, meltpressure transducer
  • Melt Pressure sensors with or without leadpipe

  • Melt pressure transducers with thermocouple element

RKC temperature controllers
  • Standard thermocouples

  • Bayonet type thermocouples

  • Ultra thin adhesive type thermocouples

  • Fine surface thermocouples

FB400, FB900, FB100, REX C100, CB100, REX P48, REX P96, REX P24
RKC temperature controll SRZ system, SRmini system, SRX, SRV
RKC programmers, ramp soak controller, programmable temperature controller
RKC Thyristor unit, thyristorunits, powercontroller, SSR, solid state relais



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